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Black Women Are Disrespected Because Black Men Disrespects Them

In today’s society of love, hookups, first times, or whatever, you have black women being disrespected. I wanted to talk about this which I will talk about on my podcast as well, because black women get stereotyped as rude and disrespectful. This can also be for all women but I will be talking about black […]

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International Women’s Day: Everyday

This is a great holiday but it should be spread out more because other countries don’t recognize it. I know this represents women all over the world but it’s sad that in other countries women still have no rights. Women fight for a lot and the reason is because nothing is fully equal. Men still […]

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#Black History Month: Fist Lady Of Civil Rights “Coretta Scott King”

The month is coming to an end in approximately three days. That means I have only three more people to talk about after this amazing woman. This woman is no stranger to activism. “Coretta Scott King” was the wife of the great “Martin Luther King Jr”. That is why she was referred to as the […]

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#Black History Month: First Black Female Astronaut “Mae C. Jemison

If you have been watching the news lately, then you would know that they have went to space again and have a rover on mars. I just thought that with all the space news and it being black history month, why not talk about something important. “Mae C. Jemison” was the first black female astronaut. […]

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#Black History Month: First Black Millionaire “Madam C.J Walker”

This is a woman who black women can relate to. Her goal was to promote to black women who had the hair problems that she had. She was the first black woman to become a self made millionaire so enough said there. She was amazing. I have heard from people that the point was to […]

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#Black History Month: The One And Only “Rosa Parks”

Black history months end in 11 days, so I am trying to put everyone I can get into these posts. Rosa Parks is known everywhere for her contribution to the Montgomery bus boycotts. She refused to go to the colored section of the bus because they are just seats. The interesting thing is that she […]

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#Black History Month: Godmother of Women’s Rights “Dorothy Height”

Dorothy Height learned the hard way at a young age about race. She was smart an wanted to major in psychology. The only thing I hate about the days back then is that race played the dominant role. She was accepted to Barnard College but got denied because of her skin color. Not even just […]

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#Black History Month: Producer, Writer, Movie Star “Maria P. Williams”

We continue with this journey of recognizing those who are not recognized enough. Here we have Maria P. Williams and she produced, wrote and even starred in her own movie. Talk about a childhood dream. People who want to be producers and actors are shaking (lol). She even donated 10% of the profits toward fighting […]

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#Black History Month: Beauty & Brains”Jane Bolin”

Talk about leading with judgement. Did you get it? Judgement because she is a judge (lol). It was good but we are talking about the first black female judge “Jane Bolin”. Not only did this woman make history as the first black female judge, but she was also the first black woman to attend “Yale […]

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#Black History Month: Singer, Actress, Broadway Star, Television Host “Ethel Waters”

Have you ever heard of the people who can do it all? Ethel Waters was a beautiful jazz and pop singer from the 20’s. She starred in Broadway musicals, movies, and was known for her television show “The Ethel Waters Show”. She was the first African American to have her own television show, so she […]

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