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The Single Woman In Me: Do I Hate Being Single In College?

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with being single. Do I hate seeing couples, yes. Do I hate seeing couples of Valentine’s day, hell yes but that’s life (lol). I asked some friends, and they are also ok with being single. It’s not like were gonna be single forever. It […]

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Mini Listings (Short Podcasts Episodes) Episode #1 “Is It Wrong To Want To Be Single”

I am adding mini episodes on my podcast which are below. I will be talking about funny, juicy, and a lot of drama in these so enjoy and please feel free to leave your own opinions. I am having a hard time adding the episode to this post but you can look it up from […]

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#Valentines Day Online Dating

Love is in the air right? Other than covid being in the air, it’s valentines day. My day has already started bad because I had an allergic reaction and my face got swollen. That is why I don’t care today. Other that that, love is different this year. You have a lot of people doing […]

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#Valentine’s Day Month: Single And Not Loving It

Last year, I made a post talking about how being single on valentines day was a gift (lol). I was happy and wasn’t ashamed. There is nothing wrong with being single on valentines day. Especially if you knew the real disturbing story behind the holiday, but were not talking about that. I talked about being […]

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Would a vegan date a non-vegan

Veganism is becoming bigger and better by the day. You have the vegans who focus on their health and on the other side, you have the vegans that are animal activists. They love animals and don’t want to eat animals, milk animals, etc. I respect those vegans because I am focusing on my health but […]

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Dressing Up VS Not Giving A S***

This is funny because I definitely don’t care right now. I can dress up if I am going somewhere serious but at this moment in school, I don’t care. I care about 5% because I am to stressed to dress (That rhymed). I go to class and go back to my dorm. Also because of […]

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What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like?

Everyone have dreams. The perfect day could be shopping all day to relaxing to chilling with your man to anything else. Have you ever wanted to be alone or not alone. My perfect day would be enjoying a nice brunch with a mimosa while relaxing on a nice balcony. The wind would be blowing outside […]

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Hot Guy Over-Load

I currently live in Arkansas and where I go to college are hot guys everywhere. Im not joking. I might have a problem because I stare a lot and boy are they fine. They are all so tall and cute eyes, hair and everything else. You know, Im not gonna say all but almost all. […]

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“Broken Hearts”

Hi guys! I have been in such a good mood and I forgot about the people with broken hearts. So many people break up before Valentines Day so this might not be a good day for you. I am here to tell you don’t feel so down. I have been going around telling single people […]

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“Single” on Valentines Day

What! There are so many people single on “Valentines Day”. Nowadays no one cares. You don’t need a partner on the most romantic day of the year to be happy. (In a singles voice) Just kidding, but you don’t. There are many things you can do today. You can watch romantic comedy movies. You can […]

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