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Accidental Quickie On Zoom

This is so embarrassing and funny. I can’t even act like it’s not because he knew what he was doing. News reporter “Jefferey Toobin” was seen masturbating on a zoom call for work. It’s so embarrassing because the call was only 10 minutes so he could have waited. Now, because he was caught by two […]

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Is This The End of One Night Stands

I never had a one night stand and never will now. They say everyone should experience it carefully. That is not possible now because there are too many risks. You have to be careful more than ever now. Im pretty sure there are still many people who are still doing it but oh well. It’s […]

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Sexual Feelings

Everyone have sexual feelings. It could be really weird to talk about certain feelings with the same sex or the opposite sex. Sex is something that everyone should be comfortable to talk about but we still get shy. I can only talk about sexual things with my close friends because we joke a lot but […]

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