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The Single Woman In Me: Do I Hate Being Single In College?

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with being single. Do I hate seeing couples, yes. Do I hate seeing couples of Valentine’s day, hell yes but that’s life (lol). I asked some friends, and they are also ok with being single. It’s not like were gonna be single forever. It […]

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S2 E1- Girl Talk #5: How Many Guys Does It Take To Get Off The Street

In this hilarious episode, we talk about guys! It doesn’t matter how many guys you have been with because your trying to find love. I know many people will have some similarities in this episode.

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Finding A Relationship In College During Covid

Are you single in college right now? Do you want a college sweetheart? Everyone wants relationship goals in college because it’s cute and you get jealous looking at others. Being single sucks even though I don’t mind it. It’s hard meeting people in general especially if you are shy and barely talk. There are three […]

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Mission Impossible: The People Who Are Risking Their Lives For Hookups (Story)

I will be telling a couple of funny stories by someone I know because it’s worth telling (I got consent). Covid has gotten so strong in the past months. We all know that it’s dangerous to travel, party, bar hop, hook up with strangers, etc. The funny thing is that there is a percent of […]

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What Is Considered An Older Man To A Younger Woman

I believe almost every young woman say they wan an older man. I am definitely one of them and there are many reasons. It’s a fact that women want long term relationships more compared to most men. Women just wants to be comforted and it’s so hard for men to be faithful. Well younger men. […]

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Taking Anger Out On Your Partner And Unleashed Anger

Many say that anger comes from a place of hurt but it also comes from a place of self reflection. Sometimes, many times people lose their anger for no reason whatsoever. The worst part of it all is that they always take it out on someone else. It’s usually a partner who is at the […]

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What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like?

Everyone have dreams. The perfect day could be shopping all day to relaxing to chilling with your man to anything else. Have you ever wanted to be alone or not alone. My perfect day would be enjoying a nice brunch with a mimosa while relaxing on a nice balcony. The wind would be blowing outside […]

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Knowing When to leave a Relationship

There are some things that you just need to let go and get rid of for the best of it. Being together means actually caring for one another through life and all the obstacles that are thrown at you. You should not be afraid to leave when it gets to the point that you can’t […]

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“Animal Love” on Valentines Day

I can’t forget all the beautiful animals today. Animals have loved ones and partners. Take swans for example, they only have one love and they can die without them. That is so heartbreaking but it also so beautiful. I love animals with their lovers. It’s so different from us but they also protect their loved […]

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Cutesy Couples “Today”

I just want to say that you guys need to stop making people like me jealous. Geez, you guys are really making it hard to be single and happy. There are so many YouTube couples and every comment says “goals”, ” couple goals” and I post it too because it’s true. Today is the day […]

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