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Let Me Scare You: The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Mask Just Yet

Let me first start off by saying that no one is stupid. I actually believe the citizens are smarter than the scientist. Everyone has theories and clues to how things happen which makes everything even more interesting. The CDC told us this week that covid is airborne. No offense but, we already knew that. I […]

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Heartbreaking Tragedy That India Is Facing With Covid

I knew that covid was bad in India but I never knew how bad it really was. I was reading about everything while looking at the images and I was just shocked. They are the second country with the second highest cases at 16 million. America is still number one but it’s not as bad […]

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Will The Virus Wave End Any Time Soon

This virus has been here since last year and since then, it has only gotten worse. Why? The reason that there will never be an end is because everyone don’t listen. America has the most cases and it seems like it’s getting better but we are far from it. We are almost at 30 million […]

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Is It Possible That The U.K Covid Treatments Caused The U.K Covid Variant: It’s Getting Worse And It’s Spreading in America

Theories are coming out again and I am all here for it. I am curious once again because new questionable things are appearing again. How is it possible that there is something new out here? The so called U.K variant has started to expand in other places. How did this start in the U.K and […]

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“Hell” On The Other side of the states

Right now I am bundled up under the cover blogging in a 60 degree room. It’s around 40 degrees outside and it rains every night. I take it for granted by complaining about how much it rains. Who am I? How dare I? There are people across the sates in California that has 100 degree […]

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The Audacity And Disrespect Just To Have A Wedding

A couple of things to address from my perspective and their religion. I have never seen a wedding with over 300 people let alone 7,000. That is ridiculous and especially during a pandemic. No one was even wearing a mask and they were all just next to one another like sardines. Literally, shoulder to shoulder. […]

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Something Strong Is About To Approach And You Don’t Even Know

With all the states reopening and closing one by one, cases have skyrocketed. Many experts are getting frustrated because there seems to be no sign to an end. The people have to do their part and they won’t. Many still don’t wear a mask. Many are still partying and going into the water with big […]

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Should Nail/Hair Salons Stay Open During Virus

The hair and nail professions are huge but during this virus many people have caught the virus during an appointment. They already have plastic up, clear walls, gloves, glasses, masks, cleaning products and more to keep everything clean. It’s just too much. I know everyone need a job but after one salon gave the virus […]

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Should They Perform Trial Tests on Covid-19 Infected Patients

Biologists, and Doctors have been very busy since this virus has started, trying to cure people. They have been conducting trial runs for different drugs for a couple of months now but was there really a change. I can’t comment on biologist because I am not one. I do major in Biology and have took […]

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How Life Has Changed Since…

Life has changed drastically. We have so much to recover from after this. We lost a lot of people and people are also recovering. Places are now opening back up but is it smart to open so soon? More than 20 percent are unemployed. That is a big number. Just when you think it can’t […]

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