S2 E3- Kpop Talk

Here we have another K-pop talk. In this episode, we just chat about current things going on and drama.

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New Podcast Segment: K-pop Talk S1 E1- Chatting about K-pop

In this episode, we talk about K-pop. It’s funny and entertaining. Don’t take what we say too serious.

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What Is your Favorite Song?

Do you have a song you can listen to all day? A song, if it is either sad or happy. My favorite song is called “Money Power Glory” by Lana Del Rey. The song is on her ultra violence album and I am obsessed with it. The song sounds depressing but in a good way. […]

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Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs

1.) Seventeen “Fear“- This is my favorite boy group in kpop. They are crazy performs. This group has the best choreo and are the best dancers in kpop. This song gave me goosebumps! I still can’t stop listening to it. 2.) Stray Kids “God’ Menu“- This song is ridiculously good. I swear they are street […]

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Top 3 Favorite Singers

I love music! My top 3 singers are amazing because they are beautiful women with large powerful vocals. The sound of their music is just astonishing. One of them is a kpop Idol who is in a group but she does solo songs and albums as well. So here we go… Lana Del Rey- There […]

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Why Lana Del Rey is My Favorite Singer

I like many singers but Lana hits differently. Her vintage style is what gets me. I love her voice. Oh my god, it is so relaxing. Her voice is vintage which is why she caught my eye. I bought a record player recently and her record was the first one I bought. Yes, I know […]

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Top 5 Favorite Kpop Groups

I love kpop. I am not obsessed with it but I love how different the music is. They are so creative and unique. I am gonna tell you guys my favorite groups in kpop. I am not judging who is better, it is just my personal opinion. I love different groups. I love the ones […]

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Best Vinyl Record Player

Today, I went to find a record player because I have always wanted to listen to music that way. I feel like everything was cooler then. There wasn’t much technology so people really enjoyed the records. I love everything that is retro and vintage. The one I got is so cute because they added the […]

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