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Sum Up Human Life In Three Words

*A FUCKING MESS* Those are my three words (lol). My three words have come from what I am witnessing in the world right now and from the past years. There is nothing but grief, death and a little hope left. People are nothing but selfish evil creatures who […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is something I have dealt with since my pre teen years. There are many types of OCD such as checking, contamination, intrusive thoughts and hoarding. My type is checking. I constantly check the door and do things over and over again. I would walk over a crack […]


Im so curious if anyone else is dealing with this. Depersonalization is when you are lost in everything around you and you feel like you are not here. It is quite scary because I have this feeling a lot. I zone out a lot and get lost in […]

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