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Now They Say, “Wear A Mask”

Isn’t that weird? They told us not to wear mask because they are useless but now all of the state governments are saying wear them. What! This is getting ridiculous. No one knows who to listen to at this point. They should have said, just wear gloves. I just don’t understand why now. It makes […]

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United States Of Lies

Human Population Control! That is what this looks like. Look at the map, look at the evidence. It came out of nowhere and now every country has it. If that is true then they need to go to hell because that is evil. I swear this what it looks like. Why are they controlling us? […]

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False Death Cases: 250,000?

Trump said that we better get ready and prepare for over 200,00 deaths. I was so nervous when he said that because I thought we had over 100,000 people die already. We are only at 11,000 deaths so where did that number come from. I feel like they made that number up to scare people […]

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Type of Liars

Lying is such a normal thing now between the two sexes. We all lie. Some people take it to the max and some tell minor lies. People who do crimes lie to the max because they don’t wanna go to jail but they take it so far. Here are the types of liars… The Bad […]

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