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Why Everyone Should Want To Travel And The Real Reason They Can’t

I believe that everyone should want to travel at least one time in their lifetime. It’s crazy that many people can’t because everything is too expensive. This is how the government control us. Everyone can’t move like they did back in the day. Back then you could just leave, but not today. They got borders […]

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S4 EP8: Standing For Important Causes/ Climate Change/ Humanity

It’s time for us as humanity to come together to fix things. There are too many problems in the world today along with a deadly virus. This is getting out of hand and everyone knows it but ignores it. Climate change is something that people ignore but complain about. Do you not care it’ hot? […]

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S4 Ep3: Believing in the Spirits and How People are Forcing Religion on Others

In this episode, I talk about religion and personal beliefs. Some people might be triggered because religion is so controversial. People who are very religious take it to serious which isn’t fair to others because they try to prove them wrong. We are all human, we should be able to say what we believe in […]

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Why People Tend To Stick To Certain Traumatic Events

When a person has a traumatic event in their life, unfortunately there is an attachment. Depending on what happened, it’s something you most likely won’t forget. There are some people who have an emotional attachment to the situation because of what happen. I don’t judge people who have these because you don’t know what happened. […]

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Why Are Humans So Confident In Beliefs That Can’t Be Proven

One thing I always say is that religion and various beliefs make people do things that others don’t understand. We as humans constantly believe things that aren’t there physically but instead picture them. We judge others because of these things. I just wanna know why. If we think about the real reality, there is nothing […]

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Why Everyone Should Have An Open Mind

This world is full of curiosities that need to be explored. The world is filled with many beliefs that are unknown yet people still take it to the heart when someone disagree. Things happened in the past which people have a tendency to not believe which is weird because there were many people before us. […]

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Protecting The Tongass National Forest

There are some things on this planet that should be left untouched. The Tongass National Forest is the largest forest in America. Located in Southeast Alaska, home to many animals, this forest is the breathing grounds for America. Places that are beautiful and have so much life for animals to live in should stay untouched. […]

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History Still Being Discovered: Our Humble Cousins, The Remains of 9 Neanderthals Discovered

The most exciting thing happened today, well for me at least (lol). Archaeologist discovered 9 Neanderthals in a cave in Rome. I am so excited because this can tell us more. They did say that there had to have been an earthquake during that time which caused the cave to cave in. They found a […]

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Why It’s Better To Be Positive

Nowadays it’s becoming harder to become positive. There is so much negativity in the world which is the main reason why. Everyday I read the news there are more deaths and assaults. It’s crazy because I believe people make it harder than it should be. Being positive doesn’t mean smiling everyday. It means encouraging people, […]

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It’s Beautiful To Learn About How It All Started, It Gives Them A Level Of Respect That We Owe Them

The one thing I love about anthropology and archaeology is the fact that you learn so much about the past. I also love paleontologist and other work in those fields that study things before we were here. It’s one thing to read about these things, but it’s another to actually be able to study them. […]

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