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I Said It Was The Right Ting To Do But It’s So Heartbreaking To Watch Everything Unfold: Afghans Fighting To Leave

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the video of many Afghans chasing to get on the U.S aircraft and falling from the airport to leave. I was in utter shock and silence because I never thought it would get this bad. The Taliban is a scary group. Their leader is even scarier. I […]

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S2 Ep 6- Discussing The Halloween Series

In this episode, I talk about my favorite horror movie series “Halloween”. Where are my true Michael Myers fans?

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What Makes People Turn To Murder: Death of Infant, Mother, and Nephew

I want to start off by saying that there are some crazy people in the world. Yesterday a incident happened when a black man shot and killed his ex girlfriend and her nephew dead, then kidnapped his infant son. The police had a shootout with him because he was shooting at the cops while holding […]

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Favorite Halloween Movies

Happy Halloween! Weirdly it doesn’t feel like Halloween at all. Maybe because the holiday as been happening all year. Anyways, my favorite part of Halloween is not the candy but the movies. I like to see what movies come on and the reason is because they always play certain movies on Halloween. I love horror […]

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United States Has Fallen: Democracy Retribution

What have this world come to? Lies, betrayal, hate and murder. Actually we already had this, everything just rose to the light. Some country we have, ran by a man who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else except for himself. There will always be news but something is off. The news lately has been […]

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5 Favorite Horror Movies

I wanted to make some fun posts on things I love. I love horror movies because I like to get scared. I hate watching them alone because they’re to scary but I love watching them with my sister. You see how I said (sister) instead of sisters because we are the only ones who like […]

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