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Is It Better To Buy Vegan, Vegetarian, And Plant-Based Foods Or To Make Your Own?

This topic can go both ways depending on your preference. It’s easier to buy cooked food, but the downside is the price. Vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based foods are already expensive, which is why I hate buying cooked food. Making your food is time-consuming, cheaper, better tasting, and creative. It’s always better to make your food […]

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Organic Food Is Better But More Expensive

I never understood why it is so expensive to eat clean and healthy. It’s like they don’t want you to be healthy. They want us fat and wasting our money on their products. They make organic food so expensive, and that’s why no one buys it. People buy it but not a lot. I don’t […]

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Does Eating Vegan, Vegetarian Make Me Happy

The fast answer is yes! I like that there are things that taste good but that are also better for you. It’s even better when you learn to make your own food. I am on a journey to figuring out exactly what I like so that I can cook all my food and meal prep […]

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Transitioning From Plastic Water Bottles To Box Water

I have officially purchased my first box of “boxed water”! I am beyond excited because I didn’t know this was a thing. I was reading about the whole business on the website and I was amazed. It’s recyclable and refillable, meaning you can easily fill you box water back up and whenever you are done, […]

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The Best Place To Shop For Vegan Products, But There Is A Catch

There are many places to buy vegan food and other vegan products but the best one is “Whole Foods”. I am pretty sure everyone knows this but there are some people who don’t. Whole foods have the most variety of products and this is the best place to shop. There is only one problem, it’s […]

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Food Rip Off! *Evidence*: They Don’t Want You To Eat Healthy, It’s A Conspiracy

I have just about had it with these got damn prices for these got damn foods. It’s official, they don’t want us to eat healthy. The price of regular food is overly expensive and compared to plant based foods, they don’t compare. I went grocery shopping today and I was angry the whole time. I […]

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I had Stomach Pains As I Changed My Diet In The Beginning: The Problem And How To Fix It

This is a normal thing to have happen. Our bodies adjust to the way we eat and once we change that, things will start to happen. If someone use to eat meat but then completely stopped, you can get stomach pains from not having that protein anymore. All you have to do is eat other […]

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Why You Won’t Lose Much Weight Once You Stop Eating Meat

If you didn’t know, not eating meat doesn’t guarantee weight loss. The goal of eating healthier and not eating meat should not be focused on your weight. You should be focused on the health aspect of it. When I started this journey, I told myself that I will lose a lot of weight since I […]

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Reviewing The Gardein Plant-Based Chick’n & rice

I was so excited to try this soup because I love the gardein brand. I was surprised when I saw that they have soups now. I chose the chicken with rice because that was my favorite back when I was eating meat. The picture on the can looked legit and delicious so I had high […]

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Easy Vegan Chickpea Salad

This has got to be the easiest thing to make and it is so delicious. Before transitioning into a full vegan, I loved eating chicken salad. I wanted something cold to eat with crackers. I found a recipe for a chickpea salad sandwich and tried to make it but there were a lot of ingredients. […]

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