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Why Are Black People Targeting Asians

This is a big problem for me. I have seen a couple of cases about this and a new one today. A black man attacked an Asian woman in NYC. She was holding up a Anti-Asian violence sign when he attacked her. They got the idiot in videos […]

A Very mournful christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone but can I say happy? Lets be honest, no one is happy. Not with all this death that is going on. It’s hard to even try to look past it. The only good thing is that this year is almost over. I can’t be […]

Two Sides To Every Side

Do this not that. Don’t do this but don’t do that. Wear this but don’t wear that. Don’t wear this but wear this with this without that. STOP! Geez, it’s too much. There is a reason people say they can’t take it no more. Mask, gloves or mask, […]

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