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The Single Woman In Me: Do I Hate Being Single In College?

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with being single. Do I hate seeing couples, yes. Do I hate seeing couples of Valentine’s day, hell yes but that’s life (lol). I asked some friends, and they are also ok with being single. It’s not like were gonna be single forever. It […]

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Atlanta Trip pre-day (Don’t Judge Me)

Traveling during covid is something I have not been comfortable with since covid started. I will admit that I am a hypocrite because I am, for the first time leaving the state of Arkansas since covid happened. It’s not like I traveled much before but I wanted to start and then the virus hit. I […]

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Happy…National Paper Airplane Day?

Sometimes I wonder who comes up with this stuff. Seriously, who though of making a holiday out of paper airplanes. I am salty because I could never perfect the paper plane. My planes made no distance whatsoever so I gave up. Sad story right (lol).

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Post Quarantine Check Up

Hey guys! I don’t even know if this is a post quarantine because they are trying to open businesses back up. I still think they should wait but it’s not my decision. I have been so annoyed, just because of school. I have been having a hard time basically teaching myself but now I can […]

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The Big One!

This is my 100th post! Woah. Who would have thought that I can talk about 100 things. I found out that I am more interesting than I thought. I have so much more to talk about.

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My Blog in Other Places

It’s really cool to see how people from other countries read my blog. I think it’s awesome. There are so many countries. I can’t wait until I fill the entire map. I was a little surprised to see China but everyone is welcome. I love the diversity.

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“Animal Love” on Valentines Day

I can’t forget all the beautiful animals today. Animals have loved ones and partners. Take swans for example, they only have one love and they can die without them. That is so heartbreaking but it also so beautiful. I love animals with their lovers. It’s so different from us but they also protect their loved […]

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Cutesy Couples “Today”

I just want to say that you guys need to stop making people like me jealous. Geez, you guys are really making it hard to be single and happy. There are so many YouTube couples and every comment says “goals”, ” couple goals” and I post it too because it’s true. Today is the day […]

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Happy Valentines Day “Loves”

What a perfect cold day for Valentines Day. I have been looking like shit all week so I decided to actually do my hair, makeup and put some nice clothes on. It doesn’t feel like Valentine Day even though it is. When your in elementary through high school, it’s a big deal. Everyone giving out […]

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Day 8: Diet and Cheat Meal

Sorry guys, I forgot to post yesterday. I was so tired. I had my first cheat meal. I really didn’t get anything bad. I ordered from Ihop because I didn’t have food in my dorm and everything on campus was closed because of a holiday. My cheat meal was… A Omelette filled with spinach, tomatoes, […]

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