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Humans Looking For Another Planet To Ruin

The one thing humans are good at is destruction. People have been ruining things for decades. When it started get bad, they started looking for a new planet. They have been talking about mars for the longest. They say it could have had life and that they want to discover more. Humans have been ruining […]

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The Thing About Climate Change: People Know It Is Happening But Still Does Nothing

Climate change is a big deal because we live on this planet. This is our planet, so we should keep it clean and healthy. Unfortunately over the past decades things have went down hill. There is more pollution, litter, forest fires, and wild life problems. I hate litter and I never understood how people could […]

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Global Warming: Purposely Releasing Contaminated Nuclear Water Into The Ocean

Japan’s government is planning to release this contaminated water into the sea which will take decades to complete. The time it takes shows you that this is bad. Why would they contaminate this beautiful water? This contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi plant is not useable and is filled with so many harmful things things. […]

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Ignoring It Won’t Change The Outcome

I get that we have so many things going on in the world but they exclude more important news. News that deserves to be on the front page of newspapers because it detrimental to our future. Yes, there is a virus but there is also a thing called nature. I am mainly talking about global […]

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Increase in Global Warming and Climate Change

Even though we have a virus that is spreading rapidly, we cannot ignore the other problems that are going on in the world. Climate change have been increasing over the past years and getting worst. Temperatures have increased so fast that there are more fires. Nothing beat the Artics temperatures increasing. NASA even said that […]

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Global War

Earth is amazing and some things are meant to not be messed with. You don’t mess with the ocean, amazon, or cold regions but they always find a way. The number one way that we know that global warming has increased is because of the Antarctic. A place that is forever cold, increasing in temperature. […]

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