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What Is It Like To Live In The States

Many people who do not live in the United States might wonder what it’s like to live there. I wish someone would explain to me personally about the life in other countries. For those who have never traveled including myself, we miss many things but I am here to talk about the life in the […]

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10 Ways To Relax and Chill Out

We all need some relaxation time. It feels good to do nothing sometimes but we’re always busy. You have to have some alone time even if you are single or in a relationship. Relaxing can be anything you want. You can just sit in the silence and it can feel amazing because of the silence. […]

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Great Friends

Friends are apart of our life cycle. You need friends to live longer. Friends do everything with you. They are always there for you. You can rely on them for anything and that’s how it should be. Small circles or large circles, they are still important. I like smaller circles because you keep everything closer. […]

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Best Thing About Being Single

As a single person right now, I have a lot of good relaxing moments by myself. Not in a sexual way (sometimes) but I love being single. I am a single female who loves the single life at this moment. You can do so much when your single. Im only 21 yrs old so this […]

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Not Like The Movies

Meeting new people can be really difficult for most people. I know I have a hard time meeting people. They make it seem so easy in the movies but it is so the opposite. Everyone have different personalities and you never know how they will act. I hate it because that just makes it even […]

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