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S3 EP 12: Living With Messy Roommates/ Dorm Life/ Living With Strangers

In this episode, I talk about living in the dorms. There are many pros and cons that no one tells you but that is why I am here. I have lived with messy roommates, annoying suite mates, and much more. It’s not easy because you have to remember that these are strangers. You need to […]

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Good And Messy Stuffed Sweet Potato

Regards of how messy the picture looks, I took it right after heating it up and it was very delicious. I really love roasted sweet potatoes and I never thought of adding stuff to them. Your probably thinking that I am slow but it’s true. I always see regular stuffed potatoes or something sweet stuffed […]

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Having Sex While Having Dorm Mates

I will be saying some things but also telling a funny story at the same time with this topic. Having roommates in college can be fun, entertaining, weird or just bad all together. Since being in college, I have had the opportunity to witness a lot of different roommates. Some weird and some that are […]

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Homebody For a While

I will not be going out for a while and staying away from big groups of people. I am still on campus in my dorm until Friday. They aren’t kicking anyone out and said we can stay until the end of the semester. They will still serve food and keep the library open for school […]

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