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Threat To humanity: Disease X To Come

When Ebola hit, we thought it was the end of the world. When Covid hit, no one took it seriously. There was even talk about Covid being Disease X because it came out of nowhere, and now there is a pandemic that has killed many people. What if I say that Disease X isn’t here […]

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The U.S have reported more the 14,400 cases of the coronavirus (covid-19) across these 50 states. Ahhh! It spreads quickly and won’t stop. We may not be zombies but this is an uncontrollable catastrophe. I am just being funny by calling it a apocalypse but that is what it feels like. Zombies walk and run […]

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Is It Worth Getting Sick?

I’m gonna try to stay calm while posting this because I am still annoyed from my last post. This is for all the people who traveled, traveled and now stuck, going to bars, beaches, eating out, non-believers and those who are are looking past it. Even though there is no way to look pass it. […]

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Florida Must Not Have Gotten The Message *Triggered*

The Governor of Florida is a complete nuisance. He really won’t shut down beaches because of the people and spring break. There is no spring break. If they don’t realize that then they’re idiots too then. I don’t care what you say. We are in a time where people are panicking and trying to get […]

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It Is Officially A Pandemic! *Lets Break Everything Down*

The WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed that this virus is officially a pandemic. I am laughing right now because we the people already knew this. I still cannot wrap something around my head. We started with double digits in one country and ended with almost 200,000 cases world wide. How the hell did this get […]

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“WHO” Increasing The Virus

This is getting out of hand at this point. This virus could have been contained early hand. The World Health Organization could have not allowed them to put infected people on flight with healthy people, they could have had healthy and infected zones on that ship and to be honest they could have not let […]

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The New “Disease X”?

I always new that this day would come. I read about it in the news last year when they was talking about disease x. It was scary because nothing was going on at that time and they were explaining which countries are most prepared to the ones who were least prepared. They made it seem […]

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