Do You Lose weight as a vegan

There have been many people that say you can lose so much weight as a vegan but is it true? Do you think you lose weight because you are no […]

Day 30: Diet and Workout

Today is the big 30. Like I said at the beginning, I wasn’t doing this to lose weight but to feel better. I liked it and I will continue this. I stopped eating animal meat except seafood. I am now a pescatarian. It actually wasn’t hard at all to stop […]

Day 28: Diet

I don’t know why I am so late posting these days but here I am. Like I said in my last post, my stomach still hurts so for dinner I may only eat a light salad. For brunch I ate… A Salad, Eggs, Mac and cheese (baked), 1 Pancake and […]

Day 26: Diet and Workout

Cramps! Im in so much pain. I hate cramping as do everyone. I ate breakfast, lunch and I am treating myself to some Chinese food for dinner. Im gonna eat some shrimp. I also had to do a 30 minute cardio workout for my class while I was cramping. Anyways, […]

Day 25: Diet and Workout

I felt a little better today. Classes are more stressful and the weather is still bad but Im better. I ate breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. For my snack, I treated myself to a Starbucks lemon pound cake with a watermelon lemonade. For breakfast I ate… Eggs, 1 Piece of […]

Day 24: Diet

I was so sick so I forgot to post this yesterday. The weather was so bad that I couldn’t go to class. It was so bad, so I gave myself a break from working out yesterday. For breakfast I ate… This is literally the only meal I ate yesterday. I […]

Day 23: Diet and Workout

Why does it always rain in the south? We had so much rain today and it just bring the mood down. I guess I shouldn’t complain because some people never get rain. Today was a gloomy day and it poured down raining. I mean sideways raining. An umbrella was useless […]

Day 21: Diet and Workout

It feels amazing outside and Im happy because of it. I ate brunch and dinner today. I also want to the gym for 45-1 hour to do various workouts. I weighed myself after my workout and Im happy. I slimmed down 6 pounds with this diet and workout so far. […], pub-8612695868774341, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0