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Spooky Nights #1: Favorite Fictional Serial Killer/Scariest Nightmare You Have Ever Had

I will end the day with a scary segment talking about death and dreams. We are all afraid of something even if it’s not real. What about you?

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Did You Know People Eat Kangaroo? Why Would People Do This?

The human specie is very interesting. They eat just about everything if it is alive. I have always said “there are some things that should not be eaten”. For example, ostrich, beaver, racoon, kangaroo, and more. I am an animal lover so I am against a lot of animals getting killed for meat. The fact […]

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S5 EP7: Getting Serious About Everything

In this episode I talk about anti vaccination people and the big problem with it. How can we save lives if no one is serious.

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Why The Slaughterhouse Is Inhumane For Animals

The name “slaughterhouse” sound so barbaric, and why is that. Who came up with that name? It’s so traumatizing that I refuse to look it up. I remember in high school I accidentally looked it up and I cried. It’s very disturbing. I still remember what it looked like. It’s 100 percent barbaric. I remember […]

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S4 EP19: Is America Really Great/ Covid/ Attacks & More

In this episode I talk about America. I breakdown some states and the reason why I want to leave the U.S. I also talk about recent events such as covid, ISIS, and much more.

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*Explicit* S4 Ep 18 The Rape Problem And Culture: Why Do Men Rape? Why Is Rape Taken Lightly? Why Is Our Legal System So Forked Up?

This is a deep one today. I am talking about the rape problem in the world, mainly in India but also around the world. I had no choice but to use harsh language in this episode because I was getting pissed off. The legal system is corrupt and humans have gone off to another dimension […]

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S4EP12: What Do You Think About The Taliban Situation *Discussion*

In this episode, I talk with a special guest about the Taliban current actions. There is so much going on in the news, I had to talk about it. From death, the military, the Taliban, and so much more.

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It Has Already Started: Woman Died From Beating By The Taliban For Refusing To Cook For Them Due To Sickness

There is too much going on right now. The Taliban have been getting so much attention and I bet they love it. Today they killed a grandmother who couldn’t cook for them because she was too ill. They beat her to death and threw a grenade in her home. Thank god her daughter and grandchildren […]

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I Said It Was The Right Ting To Do But It’s So Heartbreaking To Watch Everything Unfold: Afghans Fighting To Leave

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the video of many Afghans chasing to get on the U.S aircraft and falling from the airport to leave. I was in utter shock and silence because I never thought it would get this bad. The Taliban is a scary group. Their leader is even scarier. I […]

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