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Is Humanity Headed In The Right Or Wrong Direction: Is It Too Late

This question is up to you. What do you see around you? To answer this question, you have to simplify everything bad that is going on. I personally believe that humanity is headed in the wrong direction. Everything is going down hill and the reasons are in your peripheral view. You see everything I see […]

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Mission Impossible: The People Who Are Risking Their Lives For Hookups (Story)

I will be telling a couple of funny stories by someone I know because it’s worth telling (I got consent). Covid has gotten so strong in the past months. We all know that it’s dangerous to travel, party, bar hop, hook up with strangers, etc. The funny thing is that there is a percent of […]

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What Is Considered An Older Man To A Younger Woman

I believe almost every young woman say they wan an older man. I am definitely one of them and there are many reasons. It’s a fact that women want long term relationships more compared to most men. Women just wants to be comforted and it’s so hard for men to be faithful. Well younger men. […]

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Why Can’t Trump Take The “L”

The fact that Donald Trump and his supporters can’t accept the fact that he loss is mind boggling. This is what an election looks like without cheating. Did he really think he was that popular? Especially after all the stuff he did in office. He loss a lot of people and barely had and any […]

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Coronavirus Relapse: Worse Than Before

It’s funny when people think you can’t catch something more than once. Like lets be honest, if you get cured and then go back to your normal routine in an infected air space, you are bound to catch something. That is what happened to this man. A 25 year old man caught covid twice in […]

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Why Are Many People Surviving Covid Now Without A Vaccine Than Before?

Let me first start off by saying that I am not saying that you shouldn’t survive covid. It’s a miracle if you get rid of it but a lot of questions come to my mind when this happens. I haven’t talked about the coronavirus ever since we hit one million deaths. It’s still so crazy […]

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What Would Your Perfect Day Look Like?

Everyone have dreams. The perfect day could be shopping all day to relaxing to chilling with your man to anything else. Have you ever wanted to be alone or not alone. My perfect day would be enjoying a nice brunch with a mimosa while relaxing on a nice balcony. The wind would be blowing outside […]

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Why Is Money Necessary and Who Made The Rules

Everything is too expensive to put bluntly. Why do everything cost cash and too much of it. The normal working people have to work their entire lives to get a break. Who came up with this system? Who said “so were gonna make everyone pay for everything to survive”. Life is weird because we are […]

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Unwelcomed Virus; More Symptoms, Cases and Evidence

Who ever knew that we would be fighting this for so long. To think that a couple of months ago, we were all living life not even thinking about it. Planning birthdays, college trips, weddings, vacations, graduations and more. While we are having fun, a mysterious virus sneaks over before we even knew it and […]

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You Can’t Undo What’s Not Done

This is my motto and the motto for my blog. It’s a good saying because we tend to think that if we do anything bad, it will turn out bad but in reality you don’t know what’s gonna happen. It could be the opposite. This saying means, if you haven’t done it yet, don’t stress […]

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