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It Didn’t Even Start Here And It’s The Worst Here, Why? Ignorance, Nonbelievers, And Dumb People

I might also make this a podcast because it needs to be heard. Why is America the worse at getting rid of something? We can’t do anything right, and the funny this is, it’s not everybody’s fault. There are those people who act like they need to fight everything to prove a point. They would […]

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S3 EP15: Why Is Covid Still Here/ Staying Safe

In this stressful Episode, I talk about this apocalyptic world filled with diseases.

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Will The Virus Wave End Any Time Soon

This virus has been here since last year and since then, it has only gotten worse. Why? The reason that there will never be an end is because everyone don’t listen. America has the most cases and it seems like it’s getting better but we are far from it. We are almost at 30 million […]

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Anti-Maskers Are Exposing Themselves And Their Children To Danger

Why is this a thing? Why must parents ruin their children by doing something stupid? There are innocent young children who have died from covid and I guess that was not enough for them. In Idaho it seems that parents and adults are encouraging people and children to burn their mask outside their state capitol. […]

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College & Covid Episode 2

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: College & Covid–Covid-enb1bm

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What It Takes To Finally Acknowledge The Truth

Our minds are very interesting. The brain blocks out certain things to protect you or for you to forget something. The thing is that you can’t forget about everything. Covid has only gotten worse because we in the U.S have reached over 100 million cases (updated). That’s a lot of people. I still can’t wrap […]

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“Don’t Complain When You Get Covid”

Let me just make one thing clear. I am making this post because I am very annoyed with seeing cases rise and people not caring. You have protests, voting lines, school activities, parties, holidays, etc. I honestly feel like no one cares if they get it anymore. You can not care but if you do […]

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Donald Trump Supporters: They Follow But Are They Not Hurt By His Actions

The one thing I never understood was the actions that negative Trump supporters obtain. They follow a mans every word like it’s not hurting them as well. Are they not waiting for a stimulus check that he isn’t delivering? Are they not hurt from wild fires, hurricanes and covid damages while the President does absolutely […]

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“This will all soon disappear” Sounds Too Familiar: Trump vs Churchill

Is this deja vu or what. Donald Trump reminds me of Winston Churchill so much because of what he says. Trump is by far worse than Churchill but this saying is nuts. Trump says that after recovering so fast from covid, he insists that this virus will disappear. It’s funny that he says that after […]

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Are The Millions Of Covid Patients In The Hospitals?

This is probably my most curious question. After doing some math, it seems that there are around 11 million active covid cases and more every day. I am asking where are the people because I see no panic where I am and the hospitals are not backed up. Maybe it got better but even before, […]

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