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S4 EP2: Comfort Zones & Being Comfortable In your Body

In this episode, I talk about knowing your comfort zones and being comfortable in your body. It’s important in college because you are surrounded by new people.

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Countries I Could Live And Retire In: Beautiful, Towns, And People

I always talk about how bad America is but I plan on leaving this country one day. I wanna live in Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Amsterdam, or England. I just think theses places are so beautiful. The scenery of these places are beyond beautiful and I wanna eat tasty food. I don’t see myself staying in […]

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To All The Mothers…

Mother’s day is the one holiday that is needed. These are the women that birth us into this world today. Not even just the ones who birth us but also step mothers, adoption mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters who raised you like a mom, a neighbor who raised you, and any other woman who took care […]

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It’s Beautiful To Learn About How It All Started, It Gives Them A Level Of Respect That We Owe Them

The one thing I love about anthropology and archaeology is the fact that you learn so much about the past. I also love paleontologist and other work in those fields that study things before we were here. It’s one thing to read about these things, but it’s another to actually be able to study them. […]

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What Do You Love Most About Life

I know there is a lot of negativity right now but lets look pass that. What do you love about life? Is it the different places to travel, the food, the people (lol), the views or anything else. What I love about life is that I get to learn so much about the past. I’m […]

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I know I blog a lot but there are a lot things that you wouldn’t know about me. It’s funny when I talk to people because everyone thinks I am rude until I talk. I still think it’s crazy that people get judged because of a permanent face they have (lol). I have a habit […]

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#Black History Month: Fist Lady Of Civil Rights “Coretta Scott King”

The month is coming to an end in approximately three days. That means I have only three more people to talk about after this amazing woman. This woman is no stranger to activism. “Coretta Scott King” was the wife of the great “Martin Luther King Jr”. That is why she was referred to as the […]

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The Reason Most Black Women Choose To Go Natural With Their Hair

Natural hair is so beautiful. It makes you more comfortable, confident and proud. I’m sure that a lot of women can agree with what I am about to say. When I grew up, I grew up getting perms. Perms make your hair super straight. Straighter than anything in the world (lol). When I use to […]

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#Black History Month: First Black Photographer “Gordon Parks”

Photography is such a beautiful thing. It lets you capture the beauty, emotions and life with pictures. “Gordon Parks” did just that and became the first black photographer. He was a photographer, musician, writer and film director in the 40’s. His work was known everywhere and he was one of the co-founders of “Essence Magazine”. […]

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#Black History Month: Powerful Athlete “Alice Coachman”

“Alice Coachman” was known as the first black woman to win a goal medal in the London Olympics for the high jump. She was awarded her medal by “King George VI” which is a huge deal. Growing up, she was unable to train in certain places or use equipment because of her skin color. Once […]

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