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Why Flying In An Airplane Freaks Me Out

Airplanes are the most freakiest things known to mankind. They are huge mechanical machines and can mess up at anytime. I have never been in an airplane but if I wanna travel, I am gonna have to face my fears one day. I freak out to loud noises […]

Personality Disorder *My Take On It*

A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving. People with a personality disorder may tend to act like some you haven’t seen before. They may start to have mood swings, attitude changes, suicidal behavior, and […]

Eating Alone

Every student sadness I guess. In school you don’t want to be alone because you might think you are lame. Now, to be honest that is only in public schools “k-12”. You might come off as a loner but it doesn’t always means you are lame. You might […]

Not Like The Movies

Meeting new people can be really difficult for most people. I know I have a hard time meeting people. They make it seem so easy in the movies but it is so the opposite. Everyone have different personalities and you never know how they will act. I hate […]


What is loneliness? Loneliness can mean many things. One can feel lonely just by being alone. Single people feel alone sometimes but even couple can feel lonely with one another. It can also have many feelings. Loneliness is a dark feeling that you can’t get out of if […]


Anxiety is something we all deal with throughout life. It can be more severe for most people but It can also be stressful. Anxiety usually start at an young age and progressively gets worse if you do not get help for it or talk about it. It can […]

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