Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸

Happy Independence Day even though it wasn’t Independence Day for everyone but let me not bring anyone down. We are celebrating the birth of America if I am correct. Don’t

7 Deadly Sins

This new decade hasn’t been the best. Infact, it might be in the books as one of the worst ones. Excuse me while I go holy for a second. This

Why Everyone Should Go Meatless

The world of meat. Slaughtering animals for food to satisfy their hunger. Im talking like I didn’t eat meat before. I stop eating meat at the beginning of January this

Top 10 Favorite Kpop Songs

1.) Seventeen “Fear“- This is my favorite boy group in kpop. They are crazy performs. This group has the best choreo and are the best dancers in kpop. This song

Top 3 Favorite Singers

I love music! My top 3 singers are amazing because they are beautiful women with large powerful vocals. The sound of their music is just astonishing. One of them is

Sisters or Brothers?

Brothers!!! I say brothers because I only have sisters. I have 11 sisters. I have been in defensive mode my whole life trying to survive from my sisters. All we