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Let Me Scare You: The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Mask Just Yet

Let me first start off by saying that no one is stupid. I actually believe the citizens are smarter than the scientist. Everyone has theories and clues to how things happen which makes everything even more interesting. The CDC told us this week that covid is airborne. No offense but, we already knew that. I […]

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Unbelievable, Disrespectful, Scary, and Unimaginable

The stuff I talk about that is serious, are things you can’t make up. Sometimes I regret looking at the news because it gets worse everyday. I am at a loss of words because of something I saw about the India covid crisis. I am disgusted because they found over 71 dead bodies in the […]

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Real Life Apocalypse: Why We Should Be Worried About The India Covid Crisis

Covid seems like it has calmed down in some places but you know what they say, every time something positive happens, the negatives find their way in. I am gonna be blogging about this for a while because it’s a huge problem. The India covid crisis is at it’s worse. They have been the only […]

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Heartbreaking Tragedy That India Is Facing With Covid

I knew that covid was bad in India but I never knew how bad it really was. I was reading about everything while looking at the images and I was just shocked. They are the second country with the second highest cases at 16 million. America is still number one but it’s not as bad […]

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Thoughts After Taking The “Pfizer Vaccine”

Yes, I got vaccinated with my first dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine this morning. I debated a long time before they started giving them to college students. They are offering them at the health clinics on campus so I finally took it. Eventually we all have to get it so I took the step. […]

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Shame On Their Military: Grief And Fear For The Country “Burma”

I will try to explain things from my point of view. I have a lot of thoughts on this because it’s sad and innocent people including children are dying. They are referring to their military as “A day of shame”. This reminds me a little of the Belarus protest but this is different because of […]

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Immature College Students: “FOMO” As They Claim

The funniest thing about the pandemic is how immature, messy, and ridiculous people are. There have been many complaints world wide due to college parties and now spring break. Everyone is complaining that spring break is a time for partying so they deserve it. Umm, do you see what is happening around you. I honestly […]

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Why Are Black People Targeting Asians

This is a big problem for me. I have seen a couple of cases about this and a new one today. A black man attacked an Asian woman in NYC. She was holding up a Anti-Asian violence sign when he attacked her. They got the idiot in videos and he even took full bodied pictures […]

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Can Colleges Go Back To Normal For The Fall Semester

Who else is tired of zoom classes? I am but I have no choice. I honestly don’t think it will work because of the populations. The only way we can go back is if they split classes up because college can have over 200 people in class. That is just not possible. We will still […]

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Will The Virus Wave End Any Time Soon

This virus has been here since last year and since then, it has only gotten worse. Why? The reason that there will never be an end is because everyone don’t listen. America has the most cases and it seems like it’s getting better but we are far from it. We are almost at 30 million […]

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