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Did You Know People Eat Kangaroo? Why Would People Do This?

The human specie is very interesting. They eat just about everything if it is alive. I have always said “there are some things that should not be eaten”. For example, ostrich, beaver, racoon, kangaroo, and more. I am an animal lover so I am against a lot of animals getting killed for meat. The fact […]

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S5 EP 6: A Day of Remembrance/ Learning To Love Yourself & Self Confidence

Today is 9/11 and on this day, something tragic happened. All we can do now is remember and never forget. In this episode, I talk about self love and confidence issues which we all have. You have to love yourself, its necessary for your growth as a person.

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*Explicit* S4 Ep 18 The Rape Problem And Culture: Why Do Men Rape? Why Is Rape Taken Lightly? Why Is Our Legal System So Forked Up?

This is a deep one today. I am talking about the rape problem in the world, mainly in India but also around the world. I had no choice but to use harsh language in this episode because I was getting pissed off. The legal system is corrupt and humans have gone off to another dimension […]

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Why Everyone Should Want To Travel And The Real Reason They Can’t

I believe that everyone should want to travel at least one time in their lifetime. It’s crazy that many people can’t because everything is too expensive. This is how the government control us. Everyone can’t move like they did back in the day. Back then you could just leave, but not today. They got borders […]

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S4EP12: What Do You Think About The Taliban Situation *Discussion*

In this episode, I talk with a special guest about the Taliban current actions. There is so much going on in the news, I had to talk about it. From death, the military, the Taliban, and so much more.

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I Said It Was The Right Ting To Do But It’s So Heartbreaking To Watch Everything Unfold: Afghans Fighting To Leave

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the video of many Afghans chasing to get on the U.S aircraft and falling from the airport to leave. I was in utter shock and silence because I never thought it would get this bad. The Taliban is a scary group. Their leader is even scarier. I […]

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They Are Everywhere: Child Predators Ring That Included 17 People In Florida

I wonder what goes through the heads of these weird sick ass people. You have grown men and women trying to sleep with children. Eww!! Get these people out of here. In this ridiculous case, three Disney employees and a nurse was apart of the 17 people. They are all facing 49 felonies and misdemeanors […]

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S4 EP4 Family Drama: Knowing When You Are Too Much/ Taking Family For Granted

Family is all you have when everything ends. You can’t stay mad your whole life because of something stupid. It’s not worth getting stressed, depressed, and any other problems that could occur. I hate people like this because they play the victim when they know it’s their fault. I am obviously talking about specific people […]

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S4 Ep3: Believing in the Spirits and How People are Forcing Religion on Others

In this episode, I talk about religion and personal beliefs. Some people might be triggered because religion is so controversial. People who are very religious take it to serious which isn’t fair to others because they try to prove them wrong. We are all human, we should be able to say what we believe in […]

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Why People Tend To Stick To Certain Traumatic Events

When a person has a traumatic event in their life, unfortunately there is an attachment. Depending on what happened, it’s something you most likely won’t forget. There are some people who have an emotional attachment to the situation because of what happen. I don’t judge people who have these because you don’t know what happened. […]

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