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S5 EP 6: A Day of Remembrance/ Learning To Love Yourself & Self Confidence

Today is 9/11 and on this day, something tragic happened. All we can do now is remember and never forget. In this episode, I talk about self love and confidence issues which we all have. You have to love yourself, its necessary for your growth as a person.

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The Single Woman In Me: Do I Hate Being Single In College?

Let me start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with being single. Do I hate seeing couples, yes. Do I hate seeing couples of Valentine’s day, hell yes but that’s life (lol). I asked some friends, and they are also ok with being single. It’s not like were gonna be single forever. It […]

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*Explicit* S4 Ep 18 The Rape Problem And Culture: Why Do Men Rape? Why Is Rape Taken Lightly? Why Is Our Legal System So Forked Up?

This is a deep one today. I am talking about the rape problem in the world, mainly in India but also around the world. I had no choice but to use harsh language in this episode because I was getting pissed off. The legal system is corrupt and humans have gone off to another dimension […]

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Countries I Could Live And Retire In: Beautiful, Towns, And People

I always talk about how bad America is but I plan on leaving this country one day. I wanna live in Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Amsterdam, or England. I just think theses places are so beautiful. The scenery of these places are beyond beautiful and I wanna eat tasty food. I don’t see myself staying in […]

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Girl Talk #7 Episode: Women, Morals, Baby Daddy’s, Money And More

In this episode we are talking about high standards and morals. Is it wrong to want something better for yourself? There are some men who put women down for feeling that way and this is what we have to say. Enjoy the episode and don’t be afraid to leave your own opinions.

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S2 E1- Girl Talk #5: How Many Guys Does It Take To Get Off The Street

In this hilarious episode, we talk about guys! It doesn’t matter how many guys you have been with because your trying to find love. I know many people will have some similarities in this episode.

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Episode 11: Not All Siblings Get Along

In this episode, I talk about my siblings and how everything changed. There are many siblings who push you to the max and then you have the ones who you have the best relationships with. Listen to on apple podcast, Spotify, anchor, google podcast, ect.

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Podcast Episode 8: Girl Talk (The Difference Between Two Guys)

In this episode, we are talking about two guys. My friend explains how one is better than the other. I am pretty sure a lot of ladies can agree with what we are saying in this episode. You guys can check these episodes out on apple podcast, anchor, Spotify, and any other podcast platform. Just […]

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What Do You Love Most About Life

I know there is a lot of negativity right now but lets look pass that. What do you love about life? Is it the different places to travel, the food, the people (lol), the views or anything else. What I love about life is that I get to learn so much about the past. I’m […]

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Prince Philips Passes Away: Legacy And Life

It’ such a sad day. No wonder it rained today. The passing of Prince Philip is all over the news and it’s a big deal because the royal family is known everywhere. Canada is mourning and I am pretty sure a lot of African countries are also mourning because they use to make world trips […]

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