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Is Suffering Necessary For Human Life

Why should people have to suffer just because they don’t have the same necessities as others. I believe food should be given out to everyone so that there is no hungry people. Dying of hunger is one of the saddest things because it’s just not fair with all this food in the world. People do […]

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Why College Students Suffer From Mental Illness

There is nothing wrong with people who suffer from an illness. Everyone goes through things and there are many stories in the world. Today, I will be talking about college students. Out of all the illnesses, college students mainly suffer from depression, anxiety, panic disorder, anger issues, or loneliness. The popular ones out theses few […]

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Over Drinking And The Side Effects

Most people can’t wait until they turn twenty-one so that they are legal to drink. Even though most young people had already had alcohol before. It usually start in high school with friends. I couldn’t wait to turn twenty one. On my 21st birthday, I went out with a close friend and got a drink. […]

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Victim’s Mentality

Victim Mentality is when someone think or recognizes themselves as a victim of the negatives actions of others. When someone thinks they are the victim, they go on this long path of denial. It starts off as lying then next comes crying and lastly comes acceptance. They make themselves believe they are right the more […]

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Why Can’t You Find Your Rich Man

Cause they don’t want you. (Lol) You can’t go searching for a rich man who is also searching for someone. If you are only looking for a man with money, you won’t be happy and will soon resent each other. That is when the “title” comes up. Gold digger, she is a gold digger. Yes […]

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Homebody For a While

I will not be going out for a while and staying away from big groups of people. I am still on campus in my dorm until Friday. They aren’t kicking anyone out and said we can stay until the end of the semester. They will still serve food and keep the library open for school […]

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Depression: The Effect It Has On Your Mind And Body(*Story Time*)

Depression is a dark stage of a persons mind that is not easy to escape. There are things that only they can see while we listen. What people don’t understand is that there are many types of depression. When you think of depression, you would think of someone sitting in the dark quiet and emo. […]

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Support Systems or Not

Having support is what keeps you motivated to keep going. No matter who it is, you need someone to be there for you. You may not know it but if you don’t have anyone, the other person is yourself. You can be your own support system by staying motivated. Beside yourself, your family is your […]

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“Broken Hearts”

Hi guys! I have been in such a good mood and I forgot about the people with broken hearts. So many people break up before Valentines Day so this might not be a good day for you. I am here to tell you don’t feel so down. I have been going around telling single people […]

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Eating Alone

Every student sadness I guess. In school you don’t want to be alone because you might think you are lame. Now, to be honest that is only in public schools “k-12”. You might come off as a loner but it doesn’t always means you are lame. You might just like to eat alone. In college, […]

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