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Why It Is Hard For Me To Celebrate My Birthday This Year: Is It Fair To Be Happy When So Many People Are Suffering?

My birthday is today (September 15th) and I will be turning 23 years old. I am not celebrating it because this isn’t a happy moment, it’s not that serious, people are suffering from tragedy, and there is too much death. Has anyone else felt that way before? Almost 6 million people died from covid, why […]

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Did You Know People Eat Kangaroo? Why Would People Do This?

The human specie is very interesting. They eat just about everything if it is alive. I have always said “there are some things that should not be eaten”. For example, ostrich, beaver, racoon, kangaroo, and more. I am an animal lover so I am against a lot of animals getting killed for meat. The fact […]

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Saying “No” To The Snacks And “Yes” To Working Out

It’s time to put the snacks down and pick up the rice crackers (lol). I actually really like the cocoa rice crackers. I am back on my workout journey to getting even more healthy. I join “Queen Warriors” which is a paid workout program (14/month) designed to get you in shape and happier. I love […]

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Organic Food Is Better But More Expensive

I never understood why it is so expensive to eat clean and healthy. It’s like they don’t want you to be healthy. They want us fat and wasting our money on their products. They make organic food so expensive, and that’s why no one buys it. People buy it but not a lot. I don’t […]

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S5 EP7: Getting Serious About Everything

In this episode I talk about anti vaccination people and the big problem with it. How can we save lives if no one is serious.

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S5 EP 6: A Day of Remembrance/ Learning To Love Yourself & Self Confidence

Today is 9/11 and on this day, something tragic happened. All we can do now is remember and never forget. In this episode, I talk about self love and confidence issues which we all have. You have to love yourself, its necessary for your growth as a person.

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My Boxed Water Has Arrived

I am amazed that this literally took 3 days to get here. I ordered the 12 pack and it was only $21. I got $5 off, so I only paid $16. They arrived perfectly sealed and packed together. The box was heavy because it is water but I was struggling because I had other packages […]

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Does Eating Vegan, Vegetarian Make Me Happy

The fast answer is yes! I like that there are things that taste good but that are also better for you. It’s even better when you learn to make your own food. I am on a journey to figuring out exactly what I like so that I can cook all my food and meal prep […]

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To All The Meat Lovers, Is It Necessary?

Someone told me before that they refuse to stop eating meat and that if anything every goes wrong, they would kill a animal themselves. First of all, that is not even funny. Is it necessary to act like you can’t live without meat. I seriously wanna know. Even before, I didn’t eat much meat. I […]

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Should More People Stop Eating Meat

I already know there will be people who say that animals were put here to feed us as a way of life. Does anyone really believe that? What if animals were put here to test us? To see if we really have compassion. If that is true then we all have failed. Growing up eating […]

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