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Why Flying In An Airplane Freaks Me Out

Airplanes are the most freakiest things known to mankind. They are huge mechanical machines and can mess up at anytime. I have never been in an airplane but if I wanna travel, I am gonna have to face my fears one day. I freak out to loud noises so I don’t know how I would […]

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Why College Students Suffer From Mental Illness

There is nothing wrong with people who suffer from an illness. Everyone goes through things and there are many stories in the world. Today, I will be talking about college students. Out of all the illnesses, college students mainly suffer from depression, anxiety, panic disorder, anger issues, or loneliness. The popular ones out theses few […]

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Broke College Student: It’s Real This Year

I still cannot believe that this school year is this hard and bad all together. I am never happy and that is because I never get a break from classes. I don’t go to class everyday but when I don’t, I have homework online and projects. It’s crazy because It was never like this. I […]

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Personality Disorder *My Take On It*

A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving. People with a personality disorder may tend to act like some you haven’t seen before. They may start to have mood swings, attitude changes, suicidal behavior, and suspicion behavior. I am so curious about […]

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7 Deadly Sins

This new decade hasn’t been the best. Infact, it might be in the books as one of the worst ones. Excuse me while I go holy for a second. This year was full of sin everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, the last couple of years weren’t good either but there was something awful about this […]

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Over 1.4 Million Cases World Wide

Ah! One million cases. Boy, are we in history now. The U.S has the most cases and it is only getting worst. I feel bad for New York but I mainly feel bad for all the doctors. They are doing so much and running out of supplies. It must be so hard. I wish I […]

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Stuck In a Travel Ban

I knew this was gonna happen. There are many people who still traveled even though they knew this virus was out. People are still posting on Instagram but…now there are travel bans in many places and they are stuck. This is what happens when you don’t follow your brain and think logically. Yes, tickets are […]

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It Is Officially A Pandemic! *Lets Break Everything Down*

The WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed that this virus is officially a pandemic. I am laughing right now because we the people already knew this. I still cannot wrap something around my head. We started with double digits in one country and ended with almost 200,000 cases world wide. How the hell did this get […]

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Covid-19 and Colleges

This is so crazy but it is a step to prevent spread of the virus. Colleges across the countries are closing campus and going online. Today my college cancelled classes for the entire semester and we are now having online classes. Thankfully they aren’t shutting down campus housing and food. They say that we will […]

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“Don’t Panic” They Say

Don’t panic. Don’t panic. That is what they tell you when they don’t want to cause chaos. As of today 9 people died from the coronavirus in Washington state. There are around 100 cases here but hey, don’t panic. I am not panicking because of the virus itself but from all the news. The news […]

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