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What Is The Worst Holiday Dessert? Breakdown & History

Holiday desserts are what we all look forward to. I am a person who loves Christmas cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. There are many types of delicious desserts, but there is one dessert that comes to mind, as the worst dessert ever created. That dessert is “Fruit cake. There is a whole story to this cake that goes back to the middle ages. I will leave the link below because it has a lot of information (lol). In Colorado, they have an annual fruit cake toss. That is funny, and I might have to go for one year. Why do they keep making these, if no one enjoys them? Maybe people in other countries enjoy them.

Fruit Cake Background:Fruitcake 101: A Concise Cultural History of This Loved and Loathed Loaf | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine

Colorado Springs Fruit Cake Toss: The Great Fruitcake Toss – Manitou Springs, Colorado

What Are Fruit Cakes Made Of?

Fruit cake is a combination of candied or dried fruit, spices, nuts, and soaked in liquor. Some people would ice the cake, but the majority do not. It is a weird combination that deserves the title as worst dessert. I have tried it before, and my stomach couldn’t digest it (lol). They try to dress the cake up nicely, but it just doesn’t work. I am really curious if anyone actually eats this dessert.

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