What Foods Represent Each American Region

American food is a mix of cultures. We do not have a specific food that represents us. It’s weird because when people from other countries visit America, they always eat burgers and steak. They believe that burgers and steak is American food. I guess you can say that’s what we are about because it’s everywhere. The history of the U.S goes far back, and we all know the real history (The British people stole this country from the natives). Maybe if the Native people stay in control of the land, there would be original food. Unfortunately, there isn’t. We have north, east, south, and west foods.

The north eastern region includes New York, Boston, Maine, Philadelphia, Etc. They have foods like deep dish pizza, cheese steak, clam chowder, seafood, etc.

Source: Food from the Northern States of America – Food24

The western region includes California, Washington, Montana, Arizona, etc. Some foods include crab cakes, Chinese food (Chinese immigrants moved to California and started the first ever china town in America), Poke (Hawaii), spam musubi, etc.

Source: 50 Most Popular Western American Dishes – TasteAtlas

The southern regions includes Georgia, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. These southern states are known for their bbq, gumbo, shrimp and grits, traditional pecan pie, etc.

Source: 50 Foods You Can Only Find In The South — Eat This Not That

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