From Eating Meat To Not Eating Meat

It has officially been two years since I stopped eating meat. I don’t crave any type of meat. It was harder in the beginning. I used to be a hardcore meat-eater (lol). I would eat bacon, sausage, and eggs in the morning which is funny now because all of that is bad for my body. I am not supposed to eat eggs but it is hard to see what products have eggs in them

When I chose to stop eating meat, I started slow. I cut out pork first, which I always say is the easiest meat to cut out. It’s greasy, and it was tasty. Humans love the taste of pork, and because the taste is so delicious and greasy, it’s harder to cut off. Next, I cut out beef and chicken. The beef wasn’t hard at all because I didn’t make many burgers. You have to remember that once you cut these meats out, the tough part is not ordering these at restaurants chains.

After you get over the urges, you can happily continue your new life. If you ever crave meat, you can eat substitute meat. They now have so many plant base meats that taste authentic. Meat is becoming unsafe for people to consume nowadays. It got serious during covid because the meat plants were getting infected, and they were recalling meat all over the world. That is too much! There are so many options for nonmeat eaters, which is the goal. It’s healthier, and it’s safer. I also love animals.

Beyond Meat

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