Favorite Starbucks Drinks

I have been enjoying Starbucks ever since I started at my current school. I was never a big coffee drinker, but I like a lot of things on their menu. Every time I order a drink, I have to order a pastry as well. My everyday go-to drink is a refresher. I drink the refreshers when the weather is nice and when I sit outside. I used to order a Grande size, but I started ordering the largest ones because I would drink them too fast. My favorites are the dragon fruit and the strawberry acai with lemonade. Another everyday drink is the iced black tea lemonade (sweetened). I love this tea, especially with a lemon loaf (oof). I don’t drink like to drink these in the morning because I will still be half asleep. When I need to wake up, I get coffee.

I love Starbucks coffee! One thing that is funny about me is that I have never ordered a hot coffee. I don’t like hot coffee, but with this cold weather, it may be a perfect time. My favorite drink is the iced caramel macchiato. I love this, but it depends on who makes it. I have had it too sweet because someone added too much caramel, and I have had it bitter because it was too much milk and less caramel. Another favorite is the caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino blended. First of all, the presentation is beautiful. Frappuccino drinks always look yummy. I love this drink, but it can be too sweet for a lot of people. I was not a fan of the lattes, but I might try something new next time I go. These are the only drinks I like. I need some sweet coffee to wake me up in the morning, or I will be angry. Starbucks is also perfect if you are rushing for class and can’t get something to eat or drink. The line might belong, but in college, it is necessary. One day I will order a Starbucks drink off tiktok. People are so creative.

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