Rewarding Yourself with Cheat Days

Cheat days are days where you are allowed to indulge in delicious, unhealthy food after a diet or workout. It is important to reward yourself so that you can be proud of your accomplishments. Cheat days can be fun, but the key is to not go overboard. If you are on a diet, you don’t want to eat heavily. Starting a diet can be hard for some people. If you are like me, you love cheat days, you look forward to cheating days. On my cheat days, I never eat sweets. I love desserts, but I will never eat on my cheat day. I just order food. I like to eat a veggie Jimmy John sandwich on my cheat day (lol). I love these sandwiches, and just because they are veggies doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Another cheat day delight for me is seafood. You guys know I am not supposed to eat seafood because I am allergic, but I can’t stop. I tasted vegan fish before, and I can’t get with it. I don’t eat mammal meat, but I like seafood. I eat vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. It’s all about preferences. I wanted to state this because some people might be curious because I say I am a vegan, but I eat seafood. It’s okay to reward yourself after a week of working out. Reward yourself with a nice outing to dinner, some drinks, or both. It’s okay, and it’s normal.

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