My Favorite Alcoholic Drink, What Is Yours?

I am not a big drinker, but I will drink if I go out with someone. I hate strong drinks by myself, and cannot drink dark liquor. I always say that dark liquor is for men. I had one drink before and it was so dark. The drink was far too strong for me to take a sip. I was so disgusted because of that drink. I prefer fruity cocktail drinks. The only thing bad about that is, I drink them too fast. I also love drinks that include ginger beer. Ginger beer adds a great acidic flavor to the drink. I also love slush drinks and mojitos. These can also be strong for me, but I like them.

I seriously can’t understand how people drink strong alcohol out of the bottle. Those people can’t have tastebuds (lol). I just don’t understand, but that can also tell you those people are big drinkers. If we’re being honest, alcohol isn’t that good. It ruins your liver and can get you in some trouble. All you have to do is drink responsibly and be careful. What is your favorite drink?

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