Why Can’t People Recycle?

Recycling paper and plastic is a must nowadays. Our dear planet is on the verge of no return. You can argue that trash plays no part in this, but it does. Trash and litter is a form of pollution. Trash pollution goes nowhere and is currently sitting in a landfill. This is disgusting, and not sanitary. These landfills have been here forever because, where else would you put it. When these products aren’t kept in a dry area, it can cause certain gases to be released. Gases such as methane gas emissions, groundwater pollution, and unstable subsoil conditions. These are then released into the air, and a problem starts to occur. If you look up garbage landfills, you will be disgusted. It’s gross because that is your trash, and it goes nowhere. 

The plan for landfills is to have them decompose some of the trash into the soil. That is probably the most disgusting thing I have ever read. What would that do other than destroy the soil and the air? There are over 3,000 landfills in America alone. I believe there is something we can do to fix this problem. Make more recyclable material. Stop using plastic and use a material that can be used again. Plastic isn’t going anywhere, and it ends up in the water, on land, and even in your pipes. It amazes me that there are people who don’t even try to recycle anything. If you wonder why the air quality is so bad, this is the reason.

If you are looking for ways to recycle, you can start by buying better material. I stopped using plastic bottles because plastic is the number one waste. If you use plastic, just recycle it. Don’t throw it in the garbage, recycle it. If there is no recycling bin near you, make your own. I started using boxed water because it is made from trees and it’s recyclable. Someone even made tissue that uses recyclable paper on the outside (so it’s not plastic like the ones in stores). There are many ways to keep pollution down, but we all have to be on board.

Source: Where Does Our Trash and Garbage Go? | Budget Dumpster

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