What I Love About Food

Food has a special place in my heart. I’m pretty sure a lot of people think this way if they enjoy eating. I love trying different foods that I have never tried before. I am skeptical at times, but who isn’t. My favorite thing to eat is desserts. I just love sweets; I can’t help it. Food is comfortable for most people, but you do need to stay healthy. Eating healthy is a key point to survive. I love desserts, but I still enjoy healthy food. Eating too many desserts is not good for your health either. That is why you have to balance your favorite foods. If I had to pick a favorite food that isn’t a dessert, it would be Jimmy John veggie sandwiches (lol). I am always craving a veggie sandwich from that place. After eating subway for years, I am more into Jimmy Johns.

Food has come a long way throughout history. We now have many more options, and people are always inventing something new. I love watching food shows to see what new things people are creating. Chopped is my favorite cooking show because those chefs are so creative. I am not the best cook, but I have played chopped a few times. I can cook simple meals, but I can also follow directions from recipes. Good food just makes you feel better. The best food is food cooked by your family (if they can cook). In my family, my grandmother was the best cook. She had her own restaurant and traveled before she passed away. Her food was so delicious, and my mom still talking about her cooking to this day.

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