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Halloween Kills Full Review, Rating, Spoilers & Podcast

The Halloween franchise is one of, if not the best, horror franchises in the movie business. Halloween has exactly 12 series, including the most current one (Halloween Kills). When a movie series is so successful, you expect nothing less than perfect. John Carpenter produced the original Halloween films, but we had new producers and new directors. Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills murdered this franchise. They ruined the classic work of this serial killer. This movie was all over the place and had too much going on. Laurie Strode was not in half the film, and she never left the hospital. You would think she locked him under her house and set it on fire, he would come for her, but he did not. They showed no relations between any of the family members with Michael Myers.

As a Michael Myers fan, I was genuinely disappointed. There were too many useless characters and not enough of the main cast. The death scenes were atrocious. It felt like they were trying to make him more demonic because he was invincible and popping up everywhere. The death scenes were too faked. The acting was not the best, and many people in the film were there for no reason. The mob was useless because everyone died, which was the most unrealistic thing I have ever witnessed. The question you have to ask yourself is why this man won’t die. We all know Michael can’t feel pain for some reason, but the more they make him invincible, the more it doesn’t make sense. The reason is that these films always show that he is a human. There are no wicked things in any of these movies, except for Halloween, the Curse of Michael Myers.

This ending was terrible. It didn’t make sense, wasn’t realistic and made the mob of people useless. They made him a demonic character because he ended up killing Laurie’s daughter in his old house. He appeared in that house out of nowhere which shows that they are trying to create this magical psychotic human being. I honestly wish they would have just kept the plot in the hospital. It would have made more sense because he never came for Laurie in this movie. He never thought of her, which was weird because she did put him in that trap. It’s kind of like the producers and directors forgot about the last tragedy of a movie they made. This movie was so unbalanced, and I am not watching this ever again. I am not a fan of remakes, especially when the film is such a classic. They killed the franchise with Halloween 2018.



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