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4 Cooking Appliances To Have In Your Dorm

Cooking in a college dorm can be a hassle if you do not have any cooking appliances. On-campus housing only allows certain residence halls to have microwaves and nothing else. That is why colleges force you to have a meal plan, but I am here to help you guys. There are a lot of ways to beat the system, aka the school. If you have a RA who constantly checks in on you, all you have to do is hide your mini appliances well. They can’t search through your belongings, so it will be easy to hide them. Your RA does not need to know everything that you have because you are an adult and might wanna try something different.

Appliances I Used

Dash Mini Air Fryers, 3-In-1, Nostalgia Mini Griddle, And Microwave

The 3-In-1 oven is so useful if you want to bake cookies, bake any type of food, cook on the hot plate, and make coffee. I purchased the oven at “Ginny’s” and everything else at Walmart.

As someone who does not have a meal plan, I have to cook all my food. All of these appliances come in handy when I cook. Nothing is loud, so no one will hear you cooking. The only thing that makes noise is when the timer goes off. I am here to tell you that you can get away with these tools in your dorm. If you have a room check, hide them in a box. You can buy storage to make everything look nice and organized which will make you room look like a little kitchen. You should not have to rely only on a meal plan to satisfy you (lol).

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