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What Type of Non-Meat Eater Are You?

There are many types of non-meat eaters other than vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian. There isn’t anything wrong with not being one of those three. Maybe you want to be a vegetarian, but you still like eggs and milk. There is a name for that. Perhaps you like seafood but consider yourself a vegetarian because you don’t eat any dairy. There is also a name for that. There are many reasons for eating what we eat, which is why you should not be ashamed. I love eating vegan food, but I also like eating seafood. I am considered myself a “pesco-vegetarian.” Below are some types of meat-eaters.


A vegan does not eat meat, dairy, eggs, or any other animal products. This is the most strict way of eating, but it is also highly healthy. Vegans also do not eat any seafood. Many vegans choose only to use vegan materials. There are usually special reasons for going vegan.


Vegetarians are people who eat no meat or dairy products. Some vegetarians choose to eat eggs, but it depends on your preference. The diet focuses on fruits, vegetables, dried beans and peas, grains, seeds, and nuts.


A pescatarian diet includes no animal meat except seafood. This is a good source for your protein. Seafood has a lot of protein, and people who stop eating meat find this way easier.


These are people who eat as a vegetarian but also like to eat a little meat. Maybe you want to eat chicken one day and not the next day. For health concerns, I would recommend only eating chicken or turkey. This is not a form of vegetarianism, but many people think it is. It’s not like they eat meat 24/7.


These are people who eat as vegetarians but also eat seafood. People who eat like this find it easier to stick to it. Maybe you just love seafood. Some people don’t consider fish as meat, but others think differently. It’s all up to you.


These are people who don’t eat meat but eat dairy. Maybe you still like to eat all things dairy. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Many people have a hard time cutting out dairy, so if you never knew what you were called, this is it.


This diet includes no meat, no dairy, but they do eat eggs. Everyone has things they like to eat, so maybe you just love eggs. There is nothing wrong with that.


A plant-based diet consists of vegetables, from Soy to tofu and every other vegetable that comes to mind. It’s getting easier to eat this way because they are making more plant-based foods.

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