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Café Intermezzo Food & Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a cute, fancy café with great food, you need to try this place. I love this place. Before visiting, I have never been to an authentic café. This is located in Atlanta, right across from the sugar factory in a busy area. The café itself looks like something from a movie. The front doors look so grand. They have indoor and outdoor seating with heaters outside. I notice that many restaurants have heaters outside in Atlanta, which is brilliant because the wind does be blowing. My only complaint is the table size because they give you a lot of food, but they barely fit. When I visited, it was my two sisters at a tiny table and me. It still made the table look cute in the pictures.

This café offers brunch and mainly deserts. They are open up to midnight, which was shocking, but I think it makes for better business because that area is so packed. There are salmon eggs benedict, French toast, sunny side up eggs, roasted potatoes, and a sandwich melt in the picture below. Everything was delicious. Here we went to brunch, and it was packed, but the outside seats were open. The food looks so good; you have to take a picture. The whole place was worth it. The price is a little up there but not by a lot. It is affordable.

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