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Ways To Enjoy Your Vegetables

Hey foodies! Many people don’t like to eat their vegetables or don’t know how to enjoy them. There is nothing wrong with that; you have to find what best works for you. I used to hate brussels sprouts, but now I love them. When I was younger, I only ate them when they were boiling in a pot with salt and butter. I hated how they tasted because they had a bitter taste. I am pretty sure every child hates brussels sprouts. Now, I love them! I can eat them anyway, but I like the roasted with balsamic vinegar (chef kisses).

Cooking With Your Veggies

  • Add more ingredients to your vegetables
  • Use and experiment with some seasonings
  • Cook with oils and vinegars (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc.)
  • Marinade your vegetables
  • Make a vegetable salad
  • Make different salads
  • Add your vegetables to other foods
  • Roast your vegetables
  • Kebab your vegetables with marinade
  • Make dipping sauces
  • Roast your vegetables with potatoes
  • Stuff you vegetables and make fritters
  • Make vegetable alfredo and other pasta dishes

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