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Wagaya Japanese Food And Restaurant Review

This was one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta. I have never had authentic Japanese food until then. The aura of this place is so authentic. The low seating, serving tea in the pots, watching them cook; the whole scenery was beautiful. I tried eel for the first time, and I was shook. The name of my meal was called “Hitsumabushi.” It was broiled eel in a stone bowl with rice. I still can’t get over how delicious this was. Eel is so smooth and not fishy. I don’t know what sauce they added, but it worked. There were three ways to eat this, but I just poured the broth over the eel and rice.

My sides were calamari, sushi, and fried oysters. My sister ate all the oysters because I hate them. I don’t know what it is, but fried oysters taste musty to me. Also, I’m not too fond of regular oysters. I can’t eat them because they are so slimy. They also have a large variety of sushi. This is a great restaurant to go to on a lunch date because they close so early. If you want to visit this place when it’s less busy, I recommend going early on the weekday.

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