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Bantam And Biddy’s Food & Restaurant Review

If you have never tried this restaurant for breakfast and brunch, you are missing out. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but breakfast is the best. I tried this restaurant in Atlanta this summer, and I am starting to crave it again. From my point of view, the best things on the menu are the grits, brussels sprouts, fried shrimp, French toast, and the goat cheese omelet. They offer a variety of food and have specific hours. They offer breakfast all day which is good because you might crave breakfast for dinner.


If you ever eat in the restaurant, you will be highly comfortable. The workers are all friendly and cheerful. They engage with the customers, and that is what you want in a good food place. They have outdoor seating, bar seating, regular seating, and some even have booths. They have heaters outside, which makes the area look so cozy when it’s cold. I love to wake up early in the morning to eat breakfast, so I knew this place was perfect. The restaurant is also picturesque.

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