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It Is Scary To Be A Woman On A College Campus

Let’s be honest; it’s scary to be a woman in today’s society. As a woman, we have to defend ourselves from people who try to take advantage us. On a college campus, you have a bunch of sexually active young people. A study shows that first-year students have a higher chance of getting assaulted because they are inexperienced. A 17-year-old girl was raped, beaten, and left out in front of a fraternity house in a university this week. They did say the boy was 19, but I don’t know anything else. It’s sad because the girl was a freshman and was taken advantage of. Women are constantly being objectified and disrespected. I don’t know where this rape culture in college came from, but it has been here for a while. These schools need to do more than send out a mandatory sexual 60-minute test. They need to make guys take classes in person.

Source: Taking Action on Campus Sexual Assaults by Engaging Men | Diverse: Issues In Higher Education (

Women can’t walk at night because they think something might happen. It’s not safe to walk alone because someone might come up behind you. All of this makes women afraid because it is constantly happening. Many rapes happen when you ask a friend to help you to your dorm. That is sick because you know them. Anyone can get taken advantage of, and it’s crazy that it happens all over the world. It is hard to be a woman in today’s society.

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