Organic Food Is Better But More Expensive

I never understood why it is so expensive to eat clean and healthy. It’s like they don’t want you to be healthy. They want us fat and wasting our money on their products. They make organic food so expensive, and that’s why no one buys it. People buy it but not a lot. I don’t live near an organic grocery store so all I have is what is in the nearby stores. There is like one wholefoods in Arkansas and it’s annoying because that is where all the vegan food is.

The organic grocery stores are billion dollar companies that make us pay a lot for not much. Did you know Amazon owns Wholefoods? I didn’t but it make sense. I have started my workouts again and I am apart of an amazing women workout group because I wanna get in shape. I can’t buy much organic food because of the prices and you guys know me, I am in college, I can’t afford to constantly waste money on this. We all know that it’s better to eat organic but they are not trying to help. I really wish there was a farmers market near me because those are the best places to buy lots of organic food with great prices.


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