Does Eating Vegan, Vegetarian Make Me Happy

The fast answer is yes! I like that there are things that taste good but that are also better for you. It’s even better when you learn to make your own food. I am on a journey to figuring out exactly what I like so that I can cook all my food and meal prep the right way. I don’t wanna constantly complain about the prices and wondering if these companies are adding bad things to the food. I say that because you now have bigger food companies making plant based foods because it is a big business. For example, burger king has the impossible whopper but they cook it on the same grill as their regular whoppers. That’s annoying and honestly makes me angry because I don’t eat meat, therefore they should be separate. I don’t even think fast food places should have vegan and plant based products. Those companies are unhealthy and they just wanna make a big buck.

I am happy because I can eat clean and find better ways to eat cleaner. I can’t do that at a fast food restaurant. Even though I struggled at the beginning, I fought through it. This was mainly for my health because I am allergic to all normal foods (lol) but I have grown to love it even more. I wanna become a animal rights activist, I wanna promote better ways to eat and buy food, I wanna make my own plant based foods and sell them, and much more. The creativity in this business is out of this world, and I am truly happy.


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