To All The Meat Lovers, Is It Necessary?

Someone told me before that they refuse to stop eating meat and that if anything every goes wrong, they would kill a animal themselves. First of all, that is not even funny. Is it necessary to act like you can’t live without meat. I seriously wanna know. Even before, I didn’t eat much meat. I started to hate pork early and then eventually didn’t care about it. After watching those disturbing videos, you try to eat and it doesn’t work. I am not kidding you, I have tried it after that (back then). Some people would say that they can and if you can eat and watch one of those videos then you are one sick individual.

It isn’t necessary, that’s the point. You won’t die without that protein. There are many ways to get protein. You have vegetables and much more. I still know that there will be people who talk about animals over populating but damn, look at us. I don’t think animals can do any worse. Yes, they pop out a lot of kids but they can’t control that. When I go grocery shopping, all I see is meat. Do you ever wonder how many animals that is? I do. The fact that you also have people who raise animals just to kill them. They say that it’s sad but necessary, I disagree. I want to have a rescue farm for animals. If it was up to me, I would take all animals. Chickens have it the worse. They just get tossed around like they are nothing. They get boiled to death, left for dead, and every other kind of torture because they are small.


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