Should More People Stop Eating Meat

I already know there will be people who say that animals were put here to feed us as a way of life. Does anyone really believe that? What if animals were put here to test us? To see if we really have compassion. If that is true then we all have failed. Growing up eating meat, I never knew about anything else. I didn’t know about vegetarianism, pescatarians, veganism or any other meatless groups until I got in college. I knew they existed but didn’t look into it. I always wondered “why would people stop eating meat”. It wasn’t until I had my first friend in the first year of college in 2017. She is a vegan and would make me food. I start learning more and actually fell in love with it.

After I transferred schools, I got even deeper and I wasn’t mad. For health reasons, I was basically told that I have to go vegan. I am allergic to many things. I am not suppose to be eating dairy but you guys know I have a problem. What I am trying to say is that meat isn’t a necessity. I talked about the slaughterhouse in another post which was very disturbing. I also watched the most graphic heartbreaking documentary called “what the health”. That was the documentary that truly did it for me. There were dead pigs all over the ground and just lying with flies on them. The people would just pick them up and throw them on the truck for distribution. I had spine chilling chills. That was something I have never witnessed before. The fact that there are people who can do this with no care in the world is very weird. Watching what they do to your food and seeing how they treat animals is inhumane. There have been more people quitting meat and I am all for it, especially during covid. There have been news about deer catching covid, and more meat being recalled. Meat plant workers catching covid and they touch your food, I’m just saying.

This is the perfect time to fix your food ways. Meat has been getting so unsanitary recently and it’s because of how people treat it. People think that there aren’t any other options but there are. There are many substitutes plus you can make your own food. I don’t understand how someone can look at a pig and not care. Who even started calling them “pigs”. I want a pig and I want to keep in my house or outside. They are smart and have feelings. I watched one of the most heartbreaking videos before and I stopped and cried for a while because of it. First of all, there was so much going on. They were about to kill this large pig and right before they did it, another pig literally pulled that pig off that table. I swear, that video was unbelievable. As you get more into animals, you start to realize that they care and they talk to one another. I still can’t believe that happened. I am pretty sure they both still got slaughtered (so sad). After witnessing that, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I can’t even cook live seafood. Knowing that they are alive is too barbaric to me. I seriously don’t understand how people can even eat a goat. They are one of the funniest creatures alive. I believe animals are more alive than we think they are.


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